So, about me!
Well, first off.... I am a 30 year old female in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I am in an amazing relationship and I identify as a few different things:
1- Slutwife. My Man LOVES to share me, and I love to be shared!
2- Cock Addict. I LOVE cock. Plain and simple, I just love it.
3- Sex Blogger. I write a personal blog about my own sex life, sexual exploration and evolution. I love to share it, and I love to know what people think.
4- Poly. My Man and I have others in our relationship that join us regularly.
5- REAL. We do what we do for FUN, for REAL, and because we LOVE it! It is not just a business to me. It is my life.

If you'd like to know more! Just ask!
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My Snapper is filled with fun Snaps of my personal REAL life! I have a high sex drive, and fun life, and I love to share it with everyone! I am working on building my name into a brand and I look forward to bringing you all along for the drive! I'm not your average girl, I'm here to have fun and take requests! Want to have some fun with me!? :) I love to share my daily events, my naked pics, my sex-life and especially my Threesome Thursdays (Which are weekly)

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INFOS ABOUT SluttySkittles

Stage Name SluttySkittles
Gender Female
Age 30 y.o
Sexual Orientation Bi
Ethnicity Caucasian
Hair Colored
Eyes color Chestnut
Body Curvy
Breast Normal
Height 167 cm
Kinks Behind The Scenes, Blowjobs, Couple Sex, Creampies, Dancing, Dick Pics Welcome, Dirty Talking, Shower Shows, Public Play, Finger Play, Fisting, Foot Play, Silly Snaps, Anal Play, Sexy Lingerie Modeling, Nudes, Live Orgasms, Daily Pictures, Pissing, Rough Sex, Sextapes, Sextoys, Naughty Snaps, Personal Snaps, Striptease, Naughty Chats, Teasing, Twerking, Close up
Model type Amateur
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